Fading AnthillTradition vs Technology        Collage

Rising human needs are about to blow the lid, or may already have. The very sense of realization is rather temporary or mostly absent and the time bomb is ticking. The marching Gandhi is misunderstood, as the multicolored paper product called “money” directs the sway. As its tiring to define need, the good old barter system seems perfect than the current commercial model at times. Necessity or development is nothing but a mere jargon of commerce. It has been a while now, professionals have been digging Mother Nature, twisting and tossing the motive each time. It’s wishful thinking that professionals built responsibly than accurately. Development is clearly necessary, no second thought to it but forever nursing it with a commercial agenda is further sinking the development itself and it’s a dejected defeat at the end. A constant conflict between cement landmarks and nature! Every situation has a response but it wont take long before nature begins to react. The irresponsible development may sound as an ambitious future plan but is a clear highway to catastrophe. Being sensitive towards nature was once considered a natural human quality. The modern day lingo is “survival of the fittest”, more of a trend than what it means in actual sense. This pretentious era miserably fails to differentiate between “need and greed”.

Although Chimpanzees share 95 to 98 percent of their DNA with humans the difference between the two is stark. Have you ever seen them abolishing trees to mark their territory? These animals try and nurture their surrounding; eventually the former is proving to be more solicitous than a human. Further more, the exploding population has its own way to respond to their surroundings, at most times in a harsh way. Humans have specialized in consuming the leftover natural expanse and have merrily titled it as accommodation which nature cries as encroachment. How about one fine morning we see trees crawling up the swanky towers and branching out in every possible void. I once asked my carpenter about the importance of wood and was expecting a much obvious answer connected to his livelihood but moments latter I was stunned. Wood has mythological importance. When a baby is born it sways in happiness in a wooden cradle and it’s the wood, which burns a human after death. The message was clear, nature is inseparable. There was a time when “Anthills” were worshiped in India. These were guarded by cobras and believed to guard Mother Nature in the process. There is barely any land left for anthills anymore but it delivers a strong message of mutual respect.A spider web is a significant piece of art but ironically Spiderman jumping over towers has a larger audience.

A gut feeling proves more promising than a logical reasoning at times. A much sensitive approach is needed than a technical one. The spread of this forced accommodation or expansion, as its called today must have a responsible and sensible thought to replace nature in its model of development. It is not always necessary to dot the map with legal or illegal at times it’s also about what’s ethical.

Nikhil Juvekar

  Studio Nikhil Juvekar