Fading AnthillTradition vs Technology        Collage

India defies definition, whether it concerns cultures, cows or climates. In spite of being a sole nation each shade has its own characterization which stand firm stating its identity, yet an elegant fusion. It appears some kind of institution offering assorted courses. There comes a point where Indian cultures converge during her pages of history. Powers over powers, endless years ruled here. The potential of this rich soil is beyond imagination. India has been through winds of change resulting in diverse cultures and architecture, hence doesn’t have a singular identity. A voyager here is staggered with the mottled combinations of colors, cultures, languages, skins, emotions, fabrics, fashion, design, architecture and so on. Swanky vehicles to breath pleading rikshaw drivers….just for lungful of air. Countless heads compressed in red railway compartments and then a precious expression of ease. All of it available, just a “click” away. As simple as a definition of a perfect collage at the end. Architecture encompasses a host of areas rooted in historical, cultural, religious and ecological context of any region. History of India still whispers through some of the path breaking design practices. Ever changing needs have replaced mud homes and thatched roofs with eye straining high rise structures with glittering surfaces. Need of an hour to blame, still accommodating different roofs under one. Augmentation - In this convoluted rat race to conquer ones ambitions it would be rather difficult to generalize the term “Growth”.Stories and worries are heard from a “chaiwala” about converting his road side tea desk to a permanent stall to a hungry corporate brand multiplying its profits. A top B- school brain preparing for his presentation or a youth taking his first step in play school. Uncertainty remains a common factor between both varying in the density of the ambitions. Attached to growth is the new buzz word “mega structures”.This has resulted in inviting international design practices to India. This has just added more to the slaughtering competition already existing in India. This could be another toting up to diversity. Having said this “Growth” remains a relative term without conclusions of being superior or inferior.

Nikhil Juvekar

  Studio Nikhil Juvekar